How can social distancing be followed in motel in Newcastle?

Due to the COVID-19, every industry suffers drawbacks of lock down. So, after reopening the hotels, it is essential to maintain social distancing. It is vital for all the hotels to incorporate this much-emphasized concept into all modes of communication. No doubt, this is need of the hour. In light of the new standards of social distancing, hygiene and cleanliness, all hotels follow the rules and regulations of social distancing. The motel in Newcastle reopen fast and safely after corona virus lock down.

In the hospitality industry, it is a solid fear to contract or spread the infection among people. Hotel management has to perform as per the modern rules of social distancing. Additionally, the health ministries do not relax the restrictions, and after following the social distancing protocol, hotels are allowed to reopen. Social distancing rules are not clear yet, how to clean the menu on the tables, clean up staff-computers, how to maintain hygiene and many more. Some of the important steps are given below, that hotel management has to perform.

Prepare venues as per COVID-19 social distancing rule

COVID-19 is at its peak, and due to the lockdown, all the social activities have been stopped. But, this long lockdown is the prime cause of a big flop in the hospitality industry. Now motel in Newcastle is working by maintaining the social distancing practices. They have adjusted tables with a distance of 6 feet. Guests come to the venue cannot gather in the form of large groups.

You are maintaining about six feet distance between two and more people and others key. It is vital to practice other preventive measures like avoiding touching your face, washing hands, coughing into elbows and avoid interacting with people closely.

Offers online booking procedure

Most of the hotels offer their customer services online so that people do not need to visit the front desk. It makes the traffic flow low in the common areas of the hotels. Management is not allowed to book hotels completely because it increases the number of people that can cause the spread of the virus. This is the reason; online booking services are offered 24/7 for the convenience of the clients.


Government has included these preventive measures into the legal rules of the cleanliness protocols. Management of motel in Newcastle cannot allow much or high traffic to come to the hotel at a time. The use of masks and gloves is a must for every guest and staff of the hotel.